Well, I made a order on 2/03 using the Family code, received confirmation from in an email including order number and method of shipping (USPS). Haven't heard anything since and haven't received my stuff...Tried contacting them but only way they have at the moment is through their customer reply option on their site, but that was done two days ago. Has anybody bought from their website lately and received their stuff? I've bought Reason stuff but from other retailers instead of their website. I'm beginning to lose faith in their brand due to this ordeal...

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Was this a worthwhile buy?: [URL] My problem is the stitching is grey and the denim is raw indigo, but either I'm colorblind-it looks black. Anyway, planned somewhat to put them through the whole constant/wear and whiskering treatment,etc. [B]Should I return these or keep them[/B]? Been debating this since last week. Haven't found any other denim on here that looks like this and has gone through a everyday wear/wash treatment.. BTW, Helmut Lang will be discontinuing their men's line in 2011...

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[URL] WHY????????????????????????????????

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True to size or bigger than normal? I wear a 8 and sometimes a 9.

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I just bought some Tas ManiaxUndftd sneakers. Any info on the brand? Can't even find the website for the company? Anyone?

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Until everyone and their momma now wears it...Ugh...The label use to be all about exclusivitivity in streetwear or whatnot. Now, it appears it is turning into a carbon copy of other brands and following trends...Even that stupid Dead Serious hoody is rediculous...I bought it and returned it in the next day because everyone had it and it wasn't worth the hype... Anyone else feel that same way? Or am I alone on this?? Daryl

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Anybody else been to the Flow store there? What clothing do they carry? Shoes also?

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I asked this on another forum and will post it here: I just bought my grails (Waited and looked for about 10 years for these shoes-could not find the purple ones, but now they are back,lol) in the lows. I could of sworn these were made either in 1995 but for some reason, I think they may have been made in 1998...Anyone know? Daryl

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