Cold water and Woolite Dark or O.G. woolite will work just fine B. Dry them till they are damp, Air Dry and done!

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Ransom Sean Price Action Bronson ( Before his last Mixtape) Ab-Soul Freddy Gibbs God i feel old !

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Good shit Koor.....Great color correction in the video, Just needed to add some tighter insert shots. What kinda of lens did you shoot with?? I fucks with the song also...Good shit son.

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From my Lo spot out in LA....$35 shipped and it's yours fam.

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Cord Lo hat....PM the God ! [Image]

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Dope FRONTS Koor....Havent rocked my joint in a min

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[Image] Preme NSW Seven Vans

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[Image] Last night in Bklyn...Back to the Left Coast New Era Levis North Face Camo 3's

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[Image] Back to Bklyn to shoot some shit. Primitive Champion Seven 3's

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Thanks Koor for putting me on to Action...son is nice! 2nd rapper you put me on to son.

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Hate to break it to you guys....But Arizona is going out of business. Shead a tear for the offical HOOD drink. It's really a wrap guys smh

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I lost a bunch of weight and now i need to get rid of all my gear that too big for me. Everything is almost new and only washed in Woolite and Air dryed. So all my stuff looks and feels NDS. Everything is 3xl unless noted otherwise. PM Offers or trades...( Sneakers 11-11/12 or Gear in xxl or xl )depends on the Brand...Paypal only or Local meetup in LA area ( Hollywood or Burbank ) Shipping depends on how much you buy..Flat rate Box $12.00.............PM Me for ANY and ALL QUESTIONS !! [Image][/QUOTE]

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It's been a min but i have a few Diamond peices im trying to move. I lost 30 more pounds so i really have no use for 3xl tees..If you know any Bigger dudes who wanna cop some Rare tee's holla. Everything below retail. Ridin Neon ( red ) Shine on ( Navy) Blood Money pt1 ( Black) 2 Diamond life SADE pt1 ( Tiff, instore color way) And White Diamond X MH Dont be a Rat ( light blue) Diamond X MH pt2 ( With the Big ass on it ) black and tiff Diamond X Crooks ( World is Yours) In store colorway ( Black&Tiff) Diamond x Crooks ( 3C's) super limited instore colorway ( Black) Diamond MM Crew neck ( White in a 3xl) Lets make a deal smokeyface PM the kid....

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$215 for some Red black Green Spizikes....Only to wear them 3 times and sit in a box

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