it was on the front page.. can't really tell what's going on with the metal thing (if it's part of the buckle or just for decoration)

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Open to any suggestions to improve my college dorm room, anything from dope affordable couches to rugs to anything else you can think of.

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[Image] it's a bit nike/ janoski heavy but its still a work in progress for anything thats unclear, weve got black supreme blazers at 9 o clock, headed towards 12 after blazers are janoski mids, then, tiff janoskis, distressed leather janoskis, and a little farther michael lau janoskis. next to the purple pigeons are the gucci sb's and at 6 o clock are the laser jordan 5s. also the black loafers are gucci and the blue and brown are Tod's. let me know what you think and I would appreciate any suggestions on what jordans/sb's/nike's/ any other brands to get next to diversify my collection. btw just threw the belts/hats in there for artistic value, not my hat,belt, or sunglasses collection

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What are the top 5 Supreme collaborations ever done in your opinion? sorry if this threads already been made, new to hypebeast forums.

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Hey, looking to buy a white large kate moss shirt DS Also buying any piece of the CDG x Supreme collection large. Also looking for shorts size 34 or L that are supreme, bape, bbc, undftd, diamond supply, or similar brands

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