Eastern Manner is a Nor’ East inspired handcrafted goods company specializing in hand-pressed skateboards and quality goods. Each skateboard is designed, hand-pressed, shaped, and detailed by Eastern Manner in East Amwell, New Jersey. By keeping a low quantity of inventory, we assure quality in every skateboard that we create. All labor and materials are USA based and made. [Image] Figured this could somewhat go into the "product design". We're not really a clothing company at all, so I feel like this was the best place to try to bring out our company on Hypebeast. Appreciate any feedback. easternmanner.com Instagram: @easternmanner [URL]

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What's up guys? Recently started a side project with my buddy where we are pressing and recycling decks to make cruisers. Check out the site and let me know what you think. Thinking about slowly getting some tees and hats out, but really focusing on the handcrafted part of the brand. http://easternmanner.com/

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[Image] Custom Handmade by Hollows Leather. The guy, Nick, does an awesome job, but I need cash. This is brand new, and was never used. Untanned leather. Looking for 35 Shipped. more pictures upon request.

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Vans x Supreme Eras Size 10 Beat with life left SOLD [Image] [URL]

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Taking Offers on all shoes at this point. Open to Paypal transactions or money orders. None of the shoes have been skated in. All still in great condition. I can take better pictures (details) if people are interested. All shoes are legitimate, and i have no problem taking pictures to help prove this. Offer UP! Purple Pigeons Size 10.5 (No Original Box) comes with size 10.5 sb box .........$90 +shipping -Worn a good amount, but a ton of life still left in them. Starting to lose some stars on front. [Image]

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[Image] both shoes come with og boxes. the cabs are 9.5 and the tre's are 10. the tre's have been skated for like a day or two, but considering they are tre's they look new. the cabs have been worn around a little bit, not really hard, so they are near brand new. black on black is no longer in production, so maybe keep that in mind, it took me forever to fucking find them in my size. so anyways, if you want more pictures ask, sorry about the tag. pm me. thanks.

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[Image] northface summit series caber hybrid mens' small. looking for around [B]$130[/B] shipped on this one. jacket has been worn a little but still looks new. get back to me through email which is mission.jako@gmail. sales would be done through paypal. i'm not looking to screwed anyone but i have a shit load of vouches on the skateboarding forum skateperception.com, if anyone wants to check my legitness.

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