Hi, ive got a question... I bought a pair of nudies today from the cultizm webshop, using my paypal account. The price was like 140 euros. I didnt have any money in my Paypal-account, but I decided to give it a try, and it worked! I wouldve expected something like "you dont have enough money"... but everything went fine.. So im kinda worried now: did the webshop really receive the

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Hi there, i dont usually post here, i like just reading stuff, but i have a question... I have a pair of SJ dry ecru embo 28/32 which i LOVE. I ordered a pair of SJ cold denim (not raw i know i know) in the same size, but the sizing is way different! it is much wider esp in the tigh area... the sizing chart on the nudie site says they should be the same, but they really arent! My question is: would SJ [B]broken twill[/B] be the same sizing like dry ecru embo or more like cold denim? I would hope the sizing difference is because of the cold denim not being raw? in that case i should be good ordering a pair of broken twill in 28/32, right? Obviously all advice is welcome, but some words from someone who has acces to sizing of both dry ecru embo and broken twill would be nice.... Excuse my english, its not my native language thanks in advance

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Hello, Im thinking of buying a pair of 501 khaki's. Im wondering how they fit compared to 504's? I have 2 pair of 504's and they fit just perfect. Should I go with the same size for the 501's? Thanks

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not a classic varsity, but still nice &) navy caliroots.com/system/search/product_vert.asp?id=17370 grey caliroots.com/system/search/product_vert.asp?id=17371

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[Quote] What converse are those? Theyre pretty awesome

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those look great, thanks! id love to see some more pics

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Hello, Im thinking of picking up a Nixon Time Teller P (I cant post a link, sorry). I was wondering if anyone has ever seen one in real, because it seems it might be hard to tell the time for the ones that are [B]one[/B] color. For example, the purple one has white hands so it wont be a problem. Is this different, however, with the white one? The case and everything is white, and so are the arms! Id like to know if this makes telling the time hard. Im sorry for my limited english, its not my native language EDIT: Oh, and does anyone have any pictures of people actually wearing one? Id love to see how it looks on a wrist! Thanks, Mirando

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