Couldn't find one, so making a new one. What ya'll think about Born & Raised? smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

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Shit sold out in under a minute....if anyone can hook me and my boy up with tickets, shoot me a PM. Eternally grateful if you can. Help an HB brother out!

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Dude "sold" me a pair of halfcabs, made the payment and he [B][U]confirmed[/U][/B] on the 31st of August (18 days ago). This was his last message: [Quote] I've sent him several messages over the past week asking him if he has sent them yet, and he has not replied with a single message (even with a simple yes or no answer), and he has not replied since August 31st, which was 18 days ago. Does anyone know any other way I can contact him? He seems legit, but his actions over the last 2+ weeks says so otherwise.

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Toronto fam, show us some love: [URL] smokeyface

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