My nigga gone...

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Tittle says it all,interested also in the OGs. cash on deck. PayPal or money order only. thank you

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Trying to pay retail + shipping >smh Not trying to get raped, but will pay fair price. PayPal only. Looking for a smooth transaction peace..

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I know we got some djs on here, I just copped Serato anyone know any good Digital Rcord pools? also what is the best way to transfer over all my records?? thanks in advance! smokeyface

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Fuck. I'm 25. Feelin old in this bitch.

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dude was a legend rest in peace. Shout out to the X-ECutioners

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jus copped tixs for the lawn, any of yall goin? it would be a dope meet up. Lets stop lagg on the BAY AREA MEET UP an make it happen! smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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The mornin of july 4th after rockin a house party yo boy jus got a gay ass DUI I blew exactly a 0.08, CHP cuffed my ass an threw me in a cement pissy smellin room with a array of other individuals fellow drunks, bums wife beaters, drug users, even a emo I sat in that room with my ass cheeks tightly clenched in the corner watching each person sizing them up in the case of a confrontation, and listening to a VHS tape of how to avoid HIV in prison, I realized all the things I would miss if I was locked up forever these 10 are what constantly ran through my no order 1. In an out double double and animal fries with peppers 2. My itouch 3. My MPC 4. fried chicken 5. Drunk white girls 6. Call of Duty 7. Gianna Michaels ( I love her porn dearly) 8. The strip club 9. Levis 10. Sake bombs After I was released I enjoyed all these things an grew a greater appreciation for freedom we recieve as citizen of the USA.

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[URL] this made me laugh.

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Dipped in butter bitch yeeeeaaaaa......

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Title says, cash ready. PM Me thanx! K Bai

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this is serious yall, I experienced the craziest pain recently an Im surprised it has not happened before... I iron/starch my shirt for work every mornin in my basketball shorts the ironing board comes to about my waist, so Im goin thru my routine I hit the collar sleeves what not spraying steaming away then randomly I hit the steam and burned the fuck outta my dick HB this shit hurt so bad, i guess I was jus to close the steam went str8 thru my shorts I was scared to look thinkin Id discover a 1 eyed Twoface. Anyways Hb be safe while ironing dont stand to close

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Title says it all, I got cash ready. Check my FS thread if anything interest you LMK I will add cash. thanks

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Shoes are deadstock unless otherwise stated, All authentic. [COLOR="black"][B]PAYPAL or Money Order ONLY[/B][/COLOR] SOME Prices include shipping. More Pics upon request. All offers/Trades considered Just cleaning out, the closet more shoes to come. Thanks for looking. Sz 10.5 Lobsters DS $170.00 shipped [Image]

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Ive been really deppressed lately so I figured what the hell watch sum titties and sum ass that should lift me right off my feet. I went to the grimiest one in the BAY, they have recently remodled an I have been there b4 and Im in to the dirty raunchy shit lol. I get there sit down and I see this blonde tall naturals an pretty cute we talk she takes me to the back....long story short I get a handjob an skeeted all on my fuckin AA hoodie. Now I feel soo damn dirty and Im still fuckin deppressed. FUCK

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