[Quote] Theres a site that sells Kaws replicas for pretty cheap. Check it out: labiology.com/shop/

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The title sounds cool

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"And I'm still cole like Keisha's family / Stove on my waist turn beef to patties" Horrible

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Get womens size large or x large. They fit like size 34 skinny jeans would.

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"Stallion of the year, medallions in my ear. Whips on my fists, houses on my wrists. Your budget on my neck, your spouse on my dick" -Killa! Cam is def in my top 10 rappers of all time

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Hit Nick up on Twitter @NickyDiamonds. He's usually good about responding.

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You have some sharp looks in your line. Keep it up king.

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Need me a pair of these smokeyface

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Nice artwork. Keep it up

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Jay Elec def should have dropped an album when he gained momentum from Exhibit C. He had so much hype built. Most of it might be gone now. Still looking forward to the god

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"Careless Tomorrow" beat is on point! Keep up the good work

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Check out the BedStu collection. I've been into these for a while

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they look kinda like send help lows

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Dr. Martens Wingtip Oxford

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We'll done fellas. Looking forward to purchasing a couple items

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