I think I have answer for this.

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rip purrps facebook site.

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This guy goes hard as fuck!

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Only way to a happy relationship is when neither one is dependent on each other.

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Tunnel's fit is fukken fire!

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Haha you two idiots have argued over same thing for like 15 pages. Damn. Internet's some serious business

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This "smh he's 2011 guy" shit is fuckin ridiculous. Just shut up.

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Five short from to be able to post links but anyway: Joy Division - Atmosphere Lou Reed - Perfect Day David Bowie - Rock 'N' Roll Suicide David Bowie - Heroes

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[Quote] would be untouchable!

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You: have you ever smoked pot? Stranger: hey Stranger: many times you? You: THEN YOU'RE IN DEEP SHIT MAFUKA Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Get ya gunzzzzzzz nuykka brrrrrat brrrrrrat

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Some bapes

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The Happening. GODDAMN it was bad!

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This is hiphop lifestyle?

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[URL] Sixties came back in 2008. Just so fuckin awesome.

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