shits changed since back in the day . dead @ more desert boots/vans, skinny jeans, & button ups than i could imagine. maybe in another 3 years lml. buying out 'preme = stylee

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[Quote] haha wtf beating the lions means as much as the patriots beating the titans. it doesn't mean anyone or anything is back.

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actually, on the subject of machida, [URL] thought this was kind of interesting ;D

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yeah but how is he gonna beat BJ? BJ has way better stand up and way better ground, and he doesn't have a soft chin so unless he gets caught really really bad, I just don't see it happening. and Hendo isn't going back to the UFC, dayum. now we get to think about hendo vs king mo and mousassi :D

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[Quote] RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE, cool story bro but calm down. wasn't hating on you guys copy pasting blog posts, damn. All the divisions of UFC are pretty fucked up right now. there's a huge lack of competitors for the belts. I mean, who was close to Alves when he fought GSP? No one. And GSP destroyed him. BJ Penn's best competition is Diego? He's gonna roll him. The HW division is just going to be a bunch of people thinking they have KO power trying to knockout Brock (except big nog :D), the MW has like 20 people promised a title shot.. the LHW is the most stable I'd say.

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[Image] wale with the curveball.

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bahos methods worked for me. i don't know who you are, Jenna Bannerman, but im gonna be all up in your pussy

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honda civics with spoilers & kits, jacked up pickup trucks, and hummers. anything else is meh to me.

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the movie seems to be getting pretty average reviews according to metacritic, though i haven't checked it in a couple of days so it could of changed. had a 60/100 last time i looked. hope its better than that because it has the potential to be amaaazing

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straight up bill murray scene was the best.

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Dan Marino, k thanks.

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lol this thread basically copy pastes the article highlights on mmalinker. but the thing with silva is, he might not even renew his contract so he doesn't want to waste his time fighting people he's already beaten or doesn't think is worthwhile or deserving. i mean, i think he should stop ducking the machida fight and let it happen, but thats what soares says. the only way henderson will beat silva is if he can keep him on the ground and either grind out a decision or gnp/lnp to a tko, but i don't see that happening because that's pretending silva doesn't have a ground game. and this is coming from a hendo fan.

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forreal, unless shes goin away for about 2 hours and 20 minutes every day, chill

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this shits pretty old. i used to laugh

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