one question in general: do evisu jeans tend to stretch out a lot?? the store members in japan told me to find the right size and then size up one size because of shrinking, but im still not sure if they should fit tight or not at the beginning.

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sorry about reviving this thread, but i thought it'd may be the right section to put my question in. im actually looking for a specific pair of sugar canes, i once saw them on a denim blog somewhere but i cant find them anymore. they didnt look like typical raw or one wash jeans, the colour was actually blue, light-blueish, because they were made out of a special fabric. they really looked nice and very special compared to other ordinary selvage jeans. maybe some of you can help me out. thanks

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one question, which fit is more relaxed and wider at the leg?? average joe or straight sven? i'm looking for a more relaxed fit with some room around the legs. i know that nudies are pretty tight in general, but which would be the better alternative??

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but it'snt it like when a tailor straightens the leg that he cuts the lower part as narrow as the middle part so that would mean the jeans would probably be a very slim fit then

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hi i'm trying to get me some nudies but i don't really know which fit will work out best for me. i looked at the official site, but i still doesn't really know. i prefer a bit more relaxed straight leg cut, it can be a little bit more room around the legs. i mostly wear my jeans a bit sagged but not baggy. i saw that nudies are mostly pretty tight, but i'd say that maybe Straight Sven would be the best alternative. What do you think??

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a few days ago, i saw some great wrangler denim, here are some pics: [Image] the only problem is that these are wrangler daytons bootcut jeans, i prefer straight leg so does anybody knows anything about this colorway and also if this has been released with straight leg style?? also if some of you know similar jeans please post, i really like the contrast of the sews on these, kind of like the evisu sews

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i don't really know where to post this, so imma post it right here. i'm looking for some good cheap mail forwarding services in America. since i live in germany, it's hard for me to get good streetwear from sites like because they often do not ship to europe OR the shipping cost are like 50 dollars plus several duties and taxes, so at the end the shipping costs are higher than the actual item. i know there are a lot of good mail forwarding services from Asia, but i haven't seen none from USA yet. So does anybody know a good cheap service for mail forwarding that marks their packages as low value or gift??? because here in germany taxes and duties are like crazy, like you have to pay 19% plus like 2 or 3 other taxes. i hope anybody can help me, thanks for all answers

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