.....yeah that ish is weak, I'm kind of interested though to see what the Supreme reps think of all of this. Pretty sure they don't care, but he is rocking their logo front and center.

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I may be late but I did a search and didn't see anyone post about it, but apparently this is SB's new mixtape cover.... http://rapradar.com/2011/09/20/new-mixtape-soulja-boy-supreme/ [Image]

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fast shipper, good communication and would def do business again http://hypebeast.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139907

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I'm down, havent posted on here in a while

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WOW.....✖✖✖✖✖s in the lou just getting downright disrespectful, stuff like that is why all these shootings be happening lol. ........knocked dude glasses off...and that was a snake move coming up behind him

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man as soon as I read the title of the thread i knew this was gonna be bad....lol...wasnt let down i see. Man where has the respect for the craft gone...

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good stuff everybody.. some shots of a series of panoramas I'm working on... [Image]

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haha this stuff is pretty funny Cleverbot: We're moving on because you have stopped making sense. How is your day going? User: Sense? I have 5 of them, my day is good. Cleverbot: Money is ok but it can really blind people to what life is really about. User: Yes dollar is burger. Cleverbot: I like burger king's thing. User: I like chicken tendercrisp. Cleverbot: Everyone does. Even chickens like eating chicken. User: I know cuz I eat them too. Cleverbot: Nasty. User: Yes I win. Cleverbot: Good for you. User: Haha you're not a computer. Cleverbot: Stupid! User: I know you are. Cleverbot: And I know you are!!:D. User: And I told you I am you and you are we. Cleverbot: You are not! Your 50. User: Ska ba che se BINGO! Cleverbot: Can you ever be nice? User: BURR. Cleverbot: Aaron? User: Gucci. Cleverbot: Give me a hint.

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yeah i was asking on how to get my own made, but thanks for the response, I'm going to have to just search through some manufacturers

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Hey whats up guys, I did some searching and couldn't find anything on this subject on the forum, but the question I have is does anyone know where I can get some beanies and skullies made with the design i want in the same fashion as the ones below. Basically just text with color schemes (websites preferably) but even if its not, if you have just a number that would be great. Got something I would like to see made, also doesnt matter if they do large or small commercial (trying to get qoutes for both actually) just trying to get pointed in the right direction....thanks! [Image]

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I agree with the Dilla, Pete Rock, Primo, and such but this has to be one of the sickest beats for a chill mode (IMO opinion at least). plus he's from my hometown Black Spade makes the most chill beats ever [Image]

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[Quote] Thanks...

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I got a friend who's pretty heavy into biking and what not, he's been riding for as long as I could remember, he's been building this fixed gear himself and it got me a little curious about it. Are there any sites you all would say are pretty good for basic information on fixed gears and what not. Not necessarily trying to build one but just trying to get some background and info on the whole thing.

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had to with Julian and them, but the other squad looked clean as well

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