Paying $25 or whatever for a Uniqlo proxy is worth it. There's really no comparison to Uniqlo in terms of material quality/construction in that price point. If you can't afford a $30 shirt save your money until you can. There's no point in buying shirts that are going to look like shit after two washes. H&M construction is pretty good for the price but the materials just don't last.

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I like Everlane a lot. $15 a piece, easily worth double that. Construction is on par with AA, materials are softer, cut is better and the sizing is really consistent. Also, solid color O'Quinns are cut very well and are pretty soft, good buys at around $20.

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anything remotely breathable i prefer to wear without socks. anything with heavy leather like cp's i'll wear socks because i don't like the feel of wet leather but since i'm blessed with minimal sweat/odor i can get away with being sockless a lot.

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MMM low trainers. Supposedly Margiela quality is slipping compared to years past but they are so buttery and comfortable. i think they're a little chunky in the smaller sizes, so as a 41 i don't like the way they look on me but damn i hate having to sell them. i also think the thinner profiled vans like the e street, lo pro models etc are super comfortable.

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