Check a few threads down in the In Store Photos w/ New Bapestas, then look at the Blue/Yellow bapestas. Someone posted pics a LONG time ago with the upcoming 06 collection stuff that was from a diff magazine other then the catalog. One of the guys was wearin the Blue animal kingdom jacket and one of the pairs of the blue/yellows. However those arent released yet and i think everyone wants them including myself so good luck with that when they do drop. I was gonna get them for that exact reason but the hoody dropped before the bapestas and the resell price shot up to like $500 somethin so i didnt bother buying it, although i do have a non bape hoody that can match. So yea those bapestas are your best bet if u can get em. Good luck.

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I always assumed it was to keep em clean, and no just because they got the bags it DOES NOT mean they are real. That particular hoody i couldnt tell you myself, but you can always post that pic in the legit check thread and ask. hope that helped.

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[URL] there you go, just go to his blog. you can find it near the bottom. he posts some crazy stuff that i wish i had. outta both them stacks in the first pic i only got one of them hoodies unless that bottom grey one is the Kaws one wit bendy near the chest and the sta on the hood. I do have the white milo x kaws monogram one at the very bottom of the left stack. Id love that blue camo hoody to go wit the actual blue camo bapestas i got or the white camo hoody to go wit my harajuku/nyc exclusive white camo bapestas.

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[Image] I don't kno if anyone else checks out the honeyee site or has seen some of the things he posts. Its one thing to have all them parkas but to be gettin them for FREE, must be nice to be rich and famous, oh wait he didnt need to be rich to get those. I wish i was him.

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ive been waitin for those first blue/yellow ones for the longest time, i held off on gettin a pair of the Marvels cause i thought these were gonna release a long time ago and now i regret it cause i wanted some Xmens REAL bad.

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im feelin the new multi camo ones, although i might wait til the multi camo normal bapestas come out since they arent as "easter" lookin.

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