Ok this girl released a cd in 2005 i think it was all acoustic shit but then this month she released this cd thats on a whole nother level. i dont knwo how to describe it yall should give it a listen its in spanish though but fuvk it if ya dig music it doesnt matter if you can understand what she is saying. http://mima.bandcamp.com/album/el-pozo P.S. buy it but if you dont wanna do it then just ripp that shit from the site

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[URL] Good reggaeton blushing

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Yea I got arrested but it was like 6 months ago, the reason i got arrested was that i was involved in some student protests at my university and a bunch of the riot police jumped me for doing my job as a reporter. When i was arrested i was wearing a pair of HUF x Vans Old Skools , the blue ones, and they got mad thrashed. If i write huf an email explaining the whole shit and how i was arrested wearing their shoes, ya think they might send me a new pair? blushingsmokeyface

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Yo am i the only one waiting for Ev's new album Cats & Dogs? that shit is going to be fire just look at the single [URL] Best video i have seen in a while.smokeyface

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the other one has dancehall and soca music all of which suck IMO i just want to see a thread filled with great reggae like steel pulse, israel vibrations, and gregory isaacs. please contribute great reggaesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface [URL]

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Fucking goverment, Im fucking tired of police brutality. I havent been able to go to my university in like 3 months. I have not finished my first year, all because the fucking puertorican goverment does not listen to the students. things have been getting worse around here first they shut the university down for 48 hours because the administration does not want students taking federal grants and exemptions at the same time. Then shit just exploded and like 200 students barricaded themselves inside the university and it has been shut down for about 2 months, and today police brutaly attacked students just for protesting in front of the city hall. IM FUCKING TIRED OF FUCKING DICTATORSHIPS AND FUCKING FASCISM. THEY NEED TO UNDESTAND THAT ITS AFUCKING DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there im done ventingblushing Pics to go with the story [Image]

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This shit just released and is straight fire like their other albums hip hop with that live instrument tip.smokeyface [Image] Heres the download link [URL]

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[Image] smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface just PM the emails i hope i dont get banned for this. i need people for the z list!!!!!!!!

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smokeyface i need to know if there are any new boricuas on hb ive been holding down the fort for island born since 07

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so there was a riot last week near my college because there is a new law that they want to put about closing time and not selling alchohol after 12:00am (last call). the police was gully they up on some rodney king shit throwing pepper gas into the dorms and beating people up. that was last thursday and i think that shit is going to happen again i was there and i will be today too but i want to get your thought on this. check the vid [URL]

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why do people buy it when you can make your own....smokeyface>smh

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yo i just recently went to maggie moo's because they just opened in puerto rico. they have the best icecream in the world anybody els that has gone can agree with me FTW!!!!!!!!!!!! [Image]

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