Size 32 or 33 either blue or black. preferably 33. PM me.

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that me and cheep robbed supleem wtf

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im so lost guys....

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fuck guys my throat hurts so i cant eat no fuckin burritos and i have a fever and shit. my whole body hurts and i have to stay home on hypebeast all day. who has the cure

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Who wants some?

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i just got a new laptop and whenever i try to fullscreen on youtube it just turns black and white

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anyone got some up for sale or know where to cop in CA?

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is it possible to play games made for XP and below on windows vista? i'm trying to open a game and it just says O.S. not supported. any way around it?

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hey guys. i normally wear an 11 in SB with a little extra length (i have wide feet). do you think i can fit a 10.5 okay?

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anyone know how the sizing is for these? [URL] i'm a true 32

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