glad you're all out the closet. i don't think cudi's tryna sell out. he's been restrained trying to do fun shit but he's still doing music everyone's used to hearing. there's one or two songs that are wack, but if you're still listening to his music, don't condemn the artist. everyone has one or two wack songs

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recurring violence doesn't do shit. Terrorism isn't why we're in IRAQ killing people that are not affiliated with bin laden. I still don't understand why obama got the nobel peace prize and i voted for the brother

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I think the video brings "little" problems to light. Sure the entire military isn't to blame for the war. But no one is every to blame, and they are the ones doing all of the killing (90% civilian casualties), it's bullshit. This video presents problems with our army that we never see on the news. Most of the people in this country are brainwashed by the bullshit on the news, and do not believe that it IS propaganda. The news won't talk about things that kill the morale of the people, or they'll use nice rhetoric to cover bad things up example with the girl that was clearly raped, beat up and murdered labeled "Suicide." Checks and balances aren't used to prevent one person from taking over. It's used so that NO ONE can ever be blamed.

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skip art school and go work at Kinko's. it'll save you 90gs you'll end up in the same job either way

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this winter we'll all be wearing the same shit *****s on this website have been wearing since 07! more vans more colorful flanels (out of season and in season) and more skinnies!

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Penis is where your mouth is

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[b]any public space[/b]

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i'd smash in general..

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^^nice pic of your mom! PERV

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[URL] !

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wow are you fucking serious.. were all these random ass celebrities conspiring against the US or some shit?? the government's killin all these ******s

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[b]THE POLO HIERARCHY: [/b] [Image] Blue tag Polo for the masses the cheap shit everyone wears (includes big ponies and all the things he had in the video) $ dude's cardigan was not black label. black label really has a black label. dude's collection is weak. he even owns childrens and womens shirts.

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a reason some people go vegetarian/vegan is for the environment and the starving world. It takes many more calories of energy to grow an animal to eat than what you get for it. So it's a total waste that doesn't benefit the environment, (trucks to deliver food, move animals for consumption cattle is the greatest producer of green house gases, etc.) or starving people elsewhere who can't don't have anything to eat. Not saying i am either. but maybe one day i'll try it for the hell of it

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he's probably reading this in his vansxapc

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