North Carolina Hypebeasts

From Jersey, living back in Jersey, but lived in Charlotte for four years. Loved the slow life, thinking of moving back down there in the summer. Yo, I didn't see nobody rockin gear there. All I seen was fools wearing southpole, girbaud and fubu, straight garbage. Hardly anyone heard of evisu, nbhd, north faces. They heard of bape, but everyone I seen wearing it was rocking fape. Other then that, a good place to be, lol

2 Weeks ago in United States


[Quote] I feel you, I was like that yesterday, waiting for my 2 lightnings to come in. Kept checking the mail, I was like a crack addict, lol. I love NBHD, the quality is second to none. Out of all the jeans I have, my two favorites are evisu and nbhd.

2 Weeks ago in Denim