jesus. SLURP!!

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^I don't know if you're meaning to be funny or just fucking up in life but that shit had me laughing. I live in vegas and I'm staying the fuck away from that event. MAGIC has seriously eaten dick for the past four or five years. If you're not in the industry or a brand-loyal cock rider, I don't suggest you go out of your way to attend.

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So, yeah. Got to see that walking circus last night. Breaking for Jay Z= watching an emo kid cut himself. Seeing is believing. [Image]

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I used to care...and then Jay Z and PDiddy started rocking streetwear and I understood something I missed before: Those cats were from the streets once. They're just trying to get back with real cats doing real street shit that happens to not be violence. Let em live.

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emo fit, homey.

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Fucking great site. People take themselves way too seriously. Nick C looked like a low rent Lil wayne in that shot.

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Beasties rule. Fucking young kids.... streetwear is dead. Thanks top40 rappers!!

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Og Prokeds Royal Master lows. Black/white

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Where the topics that're worth reading at?

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That is one of the rawest assortment of gay pride tees I've ever seen. Anyone would be an instant hit at their local gay pride parade while sporting that noise!!! Heh, kidding. Do your thing even if people think you're whack.

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he sucks as a dj and the only reason he's famous is that he fucked nicole richie a few times before the eating disorder.

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..and because he sucks as a real mc.

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This was already discussed. Look five to six posts down on the regional list and you'll get your answers.

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They got that shirt at LACED/Workmens.

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Just saw these at work today. Kind of on the fence but whatever. Workmens has em'

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