I want to buy a pair of designer sneakers. Whats a great pair? something comfy and easy to wear

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what brands are u guys buying this winter?

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location: Los Angeles Shipping:USPS w/tracking Trades: Supreme trades in size large Mainly looking for Hennessy l/s football top in black and champion hooded coaches jacket in navy Meetups HIGHLY PREFERRED blushing blushing blushing prices include shipping Swiss Camo Camp Cap: 150 Blue Feathers Camp Cap: 250 Camo Blimp 5 Panel: 80 [Image] blushing

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The Marketplace section still exists, use it.

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Paypal+ 4% Im down for trades in supreme gear only. Meetups in LA preferred no international shipping Mainly looking for these items: supreme coach champion jacket from 2010 any color supreme bleached denim vans (willing to add cash$$$) eyes shirt in teal orange zebra camp [Image] navy floral polo large 160

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