does anyone know where i can find the Diamond x Western Edition Sade skate deck? i have been killing myself for years trying to get my hands on one [Image] anyone?

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[URL] i haven't posted any music since the "Peace" video (2007) NOW everyone and they mamma is posting music in this forum... SO for all please check...and if it doesn't kill you leave some feedback GOOD or bad THANKS. peace matth

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just as the title states...i need em DS PLEASE!!!

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wanted to know if anyone knew some good [B]sites[/B] to download instrumentals

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always thought the prod II was dope but your thoughts... [Image] props to

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[URL] leave me some feedback let me know what you guys think...

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[URL] beans just destroys this shit!

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blinkyeyes [URL]

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i don't know how many of you would remember but this kid was killing clue tapes back when the "survival of the illest" tour was in motion. had a few joints on onyx's "shut em down" album. RIP brother Upcoming rapper and Onyx affiliate X1 died early this morning in Las Vegas, a source that knew the rapper told While the cause of death has not been confirmed by officials at press time, sources told that the rapper committed suicide. X-1, brother of Onyx group member Sticky Fingaz, was originally in a Hip-Hop group named Gangreen. Hailing from Southside Jamaica, Queens, X1 recorded with Onyx consistently and has been featured on each Onyx album since the group's 1998 release Shut 'Em Down. He also recorded a song and video with 50 Cent titled "React" in the early stages of both of their rap career in the mid 1990's. The rapper was signed to Mike Tyson's defunct Tyson Records in 2000, but his most recent deal was with Ball 'R Records, which is based in Las Vegas. X1's last solo album Young, Rich & Gangsta hit stores in 2006.

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A suspect in the murder of Dipset rapper Stack Bundles was found shot to death in Queens, New York yesterday the same day Bundles was laid to rest, after being ambushed and killed in Far Rockaway last week. According to police, Charles White, 20, was found dead in a Queens home, with a pillow over his head, two bullet wounds to the head and one to the leg. White was found by a friend, who had left the house, but returned to call police when he heard gunshots ringout. White, also an aspiring rapper, was being eyed as a suspect in the murder of Stack Bundles, born Rayquon Elliott. Bundles, 24, died from gunshot wounds, after being shot three times on June 11, in front of his Far Rockaway home. No arrests have been made in either slaying, which police believe are connected. In related news, hundreds of people, including Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Lupe Fiasco, Joe Budden, Maino and DJ Clue paid their respects to Stack Bundles during his funeral ceremonies at the J. Foster Phillips Funeral Home in Queens yesterday would stack have wanted it this way??? this is sad...thoughts?

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[Image]courtesy of new purple or burgundy p rod's...from what i see they could be another dope p rod release. thoughts?

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Queens, New York rapper and Byrd Gang member Stack Bundles was shot and killed this morning (June 11) in New York. While details are sketchy, sources affiliated with Stack Bundles told that the rapper was shot by unknown assailants in front of his home earlier this morning (June 11). Stack Bundles was from Far Rocaway in Queens, New York. The last time he was seen alive was at Stereo nightclub, where he and an entourage had an incident-free evening. Stack Bundles was affiliated with DJ Clue's Desert Storm and later became a member of Jim Jones' Byrd Gang group. He recorded with a variety of artists, including Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Joe Budden, Max B., Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and others. shit is getting out of hand...

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[Image] the hottest pair of spizikes in my opinion...what the hell happened to them??? any info

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