What yall doin for chirstmas? What food you guys got? What you guys got for your family? We're celebrating that shit at midnight like the rest of pinoys smokeyface

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Who you niggas think will win? personally marquez might win this

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Anyone got this shit before? I just got one right now and they said its from Ohio lol. http://www.wheresgeorge.com/report.php?key=207176096f408d820ebea3535ff5f4777a45eb42fa6e0b05 [Image]

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When I was in 9th grade I tried to listen to different songs to find which genre i would like. My friend introduced me to mos def. It was chill till later years we didnt hanged out that much. I forgot about mos def. Then today randomly playing in pandora i heard this [Embed content] fell in love instantly. nostalgia basically. anyways are there any other artist that has the mood that most mos def delivers in his songs or other mos def songs that i should definitely listen to?

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What exactly happened? Why was everyone complaining? Was the situation fixed by the 2012 members? Discuss.

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I got these JPs from big 5 but they seem to look different from the other purcells that I see around [Image]

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I know yall niggas had crushes with certain characters from a show when you were just a little kid. Who are yours? [Image] smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface smokeyface

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Stahp it mods, it deprives a person's right to post thus when enabled they explode like bottled up anger. [Image]

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basically show off on how much you can handle your notifications without checking them (except messages) P.S no cheating ill start off [Image]

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i'm trying to look for good vnecks but most of the ones that i find are thin which are most likely for undershirts im trying to look for something durable such as that ur nipples won't go through it yadamean like what pharrel's wearing [Image]

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I just got a parking ticket saying i had misplaced my parking permit but i know that i placed that shit on my car but when i checked it out the parking ticket have fallen to my seat for some reason maybe from me slamming the door hard or something so now i'm deciding whether or not i should pay the $45 fine or contest for my shit but i have no fucking idea to do so. So hb lawyer fams help me out here

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People in cali, have you guys ever used none popular brand fuels like Arco to save money because their gases tend to be much cheaper? I heard stories that none popular brands get left over gases from the gas companies and that's the reason why they are so cheap but at the same time could ruin your car because of the poor quality

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What are some good chino pants out there that are skinny/slim fit and around $20-$35

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Trying to cop some black boots for fall/winter anyone know whats up? preferably boots under $100 Post pics of recomended boots pls

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So today i picked up my selvedge raw denim from the tailor for some tapering and upon return, everything was fine including the fit until I saw the selvedge line. That shit was fucking gone. I got mad and told the tailor what the hell happened to the fucking selvedge line and he said that his uncle "fixed" everything up including the line. The line somewhat turned black or something i dont even know. Now it just looks like a regular pair of fucking denim. I was so mad cause i paid 30 dollars(I'm not rich so i'm complaining) just to fucking hem and taper my shit but i didn't pay for the line to fucking disappear. Here's a picture of that shit now [Image] I was just glad that those denims were not APCs or 100+ jeans or else I would have just gone mad for wasting that much money. So ya HB has something similar to this happened to you before?

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