Cool pics. really nice collection here

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Nice post. Really saw some stunning photos

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Well it depends on your comfortness, one may like Nike other may dislike it. But I like Adidas for Summers

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There is less number of chances that you get a discount on this small item because normally I got coupons for big shopping. If you want to purchase something else with this then you can search for coupons to get certain percentage off or reach a particular level of discount. For example when I go for my weekend shopping then I try to get discount on my whole shopping like I would go with $600 or $1000 and try to get discount for an offer that claims "10% off on orders above $500". So I often get these kind offers there at [URL] and you get real benefit when you go for such big discounts. One option available where you can still go to Overstock or Walmart then you will get at decent price if coupons are not available but surely on Guess you have to pay more.

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hmm I agree

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Avatar is best for mine!

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Green Hornet

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Rihanna "Umbrella"

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Adele "Set Fire"

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G By Guess is a good one! smokeyface

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I will suggest Rolex for watched and Gucci for glasses.

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I think the value of the clothes are increased when any celeb wear it. That is because they always have dashing personalities and they are on screen look more gorgeous then they are. But still I dont like some personalities and their clothing as well.

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You can find from big stores like Walmart and Macys. I dont like the Cardigens displayed but I like the sweaters shown above.

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