- if you kept making an ugly or weird face it might get stuck like that and youd be ugly forever - my turtle ran away -__-

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when im home alone i rock boxers and socks so i can gig and slide across the floor while i go about my business...less embarrassing i finger tutt or lowkey pop when im bored in clas or something

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[Embed content] Furly ft Cutthoat Committee or Big Sean - Memories II

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<a href='http://hypebeast.com/members/mallymall7/' rel='nofollow'>@mallymall7</a> check me out

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my mother always told me, be careful what you do. dont go around breakin young girls hearts he he!

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sad about selling a bunch of dunks but at least these came in today - decon cali matt black leather [Image]

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[Quote] damn nice pu on the nordic chukka boots

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[Quote] so is this going down?

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im black and love me some asian females. yellow fever from day one s/o to gambino

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forgot to turn my swag off. woke up with 3 females in my bed...smh dafuq i look like, the marriott? naw but fareal left my iphone on top of the car omw way back to my house, got home couldnt find it, back-tracked, and found it in the middle of a hella busy intersection...mad slippin

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[Quote] looking great

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im all for weed and dont hate on e or alc. ive never tried shrooms but will hopefully this semester. all the other drugs i dont really fuck with but to each his own. everything is cool in moderation just know your limit and dont be a dumb ass smoke weed every day

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transferred to CSUN last fall from DVC. technically a commuter school but its packed and has a beautiful campus. just got a new rec center that shits on life itself (rock climbing walls, weights and cardio stuff on the first floor. 5-6 bball/vball courts on the second floor, and a track with more cardio and a lounge on the third floor) joined a frat and life is good except they need to file for impaction cause i know hella ppl who arent graduating this year, receiving their financial aid, and/or arent even attending this semester because initially registering and adding classes is damn near impossible. im taking bullshit classes just to be in school and so i can stay active in my frat, plus all the bad females are on campus

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^^^ this still appreciate it tho

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