[Image] [URL] A new mixtape I put together, strictly mash-ups and club rockers. I came up with the concept in order to please all audiences that would be at a club or more specifically, "hipster" party. The whole thing is kind of drenched in irony but it still rocky the party, guaranteed. Download it, burn it, share it, enjoy it. MAF

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So this happened today. Thought I'd share, this kind of made my day. I did a Wale x Justice mash-up that caught the ear of Daniel Weisman and Wale. Apparently it was going to make The Mixtape About Nothing but it didn't fit sonically with the rest of the mixtape. [URL]

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[URL] Any and all opinions welcome. I'm considering remixing the album. Thanks for peeping and hopefully enjoying, get at me. Uno

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[URL] One

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[URL] Come out if you're in the area. It'll be a good time.

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[URL] Little mash up I did for my new mixtape. Tell me what you think. This is This Is Why I'm Hot over We Are Your Friends. Enjoy MAF

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Did a clipse remix for my new mixtape titled Welcome To The Wire which if you're a fan of the show can assume it's all about pushing weight. All the remixes have to do with drugs and this is the first one from it. If all goes well it should be dropping early-mid september. [URL] Feel free to drop comments. Enjoy

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Anyone check out his new mixtape? I was actually pretty dissapointed considering how dope Beats + Bars was. I'll post the link if any interest on the subject is shown.

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What do you guys think? Here's the link that he posted on his myspace earlier today. [URL] I'm feeling it, some old tracks but for the most part some fresh material and the Tasty skit is hilarious.

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An EP for my hypebeast peeps with a few of my unreleased remixes that I have done over the years. 5 tracks, tell me what you think and hit me up on myspace if you're digging it. I'm working on some new projects right now which I'll definitely post when they're complete. Hope you enjoy. [URL]

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Wanted to pay hommage to one of my favorite groups to exist in hip hop, Children of The Corn. I flipped a classic cartoon which has been beaten to death in hip hop but i thought this would give it some new life. Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. [Image]

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So a whilleeeee back i posted some design ideas. Got some mixed feedback i guess you'd say. Anyways so I took it all to heart and to tell you the truth it made a lot of sense so i started taking more times and trying to be a bit more innovative. So here's some stuff I've printed and design ideas I've done up. [Image] All feedback is welcome, thanks for looking.

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some ink dryed on one of the screens i was working on does anyone know how to get ink off screens when it has dried? Thanks

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Made MiddleMen is a clothin company me and my friends are experimenting with. We've set up all the screens and are just awaiting our wholesale order to come in. We're based out of NoVa/DC and the website will be up soon. But till then the Blog is in my sig. Love it? Hate it? All opinions are welcome. Thanks for looking. We have other sections to the "catalogue" that i'll post in this thread later on, when they get decided on. [Image]

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Does anyone know how rare the "Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die" Bearbrick is? And who designed it? It doesn't appear on the list of the bearbricks in that series. Does anyone know? It's one of the bearbricks that's around 3 inches.

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