[Quote] I don't think they are worth the money. I bought the black backpakc from the A/W 06 season, and began using it in September. By January, there was a hole in the suede. Also, the bags do not hold a lot of items.

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Does any one know what they will restock on. I am hoping they restock on the hooded field jacket. I missed out on thatsmh

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ccs.com has the grey/purple dnk lows, nyc taxi lows, and other new sbs [URL]

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Good foot has lots of sbs, quickstrikes, and everything else you could want. They also have their own line of shirts which are really nice. Where in the hell is underworld? i could not find it even with directions.

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With the fall season approaching, i am looking for some ideas for a new jacket. What is every else planning on buying or already have? I am considering some mhi/maharishi, but i dont know where in NYC to get them

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[Quote] What kind of sneakers are those on that mannequin behind you?

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i am looking for a new backpack. Can anyone give me some ideas and prices and where to get them. (i.e. supreme, etc.)

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What stores in new york city carry fucking awesome? Also on a side not, where can i buy vintage nike hats (like from the 90s) aside form ebay?

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Can someone school me on this?

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I am doing a research paper about street culture, fashion and art. Does any one know some good books for these subjects?

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The adidas casual store next to stussy in nyc carries nice adidas track jackets.

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Thanks, do anybody know when the price will rise? I assume when the fall line drops

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What is the retail price for APC jeans?

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I think the new hoodies are $350. I'm pretty sure that nom de guerre raised their prices for the new season

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How was that event? What else did they have there?

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