I am selling my supreme navajo cap from 2002. It is extremely rare, and i have only seen one other a few years back. The material is thick wool, and the quality is very very high. The condition is very good, would prob say 8,5 or more out of 10. BIN:170$+shipping I will listen to offers, but lowballers will be ignored. I am mostly looking for cash, but if you have a navy/grey box logo hoodie in M, or some heat pieces, we can might work something out. I live in Denmark, but have many times been shipping to USA, England, and many other countries. [Image]

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Hello there. I live in Denmark - A place where its very diffucult to buy supreme caps without paying atleast 100$ for some worn out non rare supreme cap. I am looking for supreme 5 panels. I am not willing to pay more than 80 shipped. And i will not buy a snakeskin cap or something like that for 80. PM me if you have anything that might could interest me!

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