this is stupid

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Im looking for a fake fake louis V wallet. anyone know?

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Someone who got kicked out of my HS for sniffing lines of a desk recently escaped a Psychiatric hospital and is on the run. I spotted him at BK once wearing overalls and big rainboots. The guy used to make bombs

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yo what the fuck? basically these kids are searching for meaning, they are a family, they belong to something, they killed a dog... why is everyone missing this?

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Best overall tattooed person? haha, sweet trophy

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vid2mp3, such a persey site

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I loved it, but its not for everyone. I've heard a couple people who usually like Mike Cera trash it. Oh well, Francois Dillinger is a champ, and Trent? hahah

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Forget OU bikes

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Fresh cut grass New socks Waking up early, realizing you have time to sleep When you think its a Monday but its really Sunday All the times I just made it for the bus Hearing someone jammin to live tunes on the TTc through their headphones lazy summer days

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[Quote] truth

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4 takes in for me, real sense of movement. Whats with the bike? cool pic but no action

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don't get me wrong, guy is doing great things I thought his stuff was cool years ago when i first saw it, I still do but its gotten old and overrated-especially with this gift shop hype. Now its just another one of those things that white people like.

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[Quote] Dumbest shit to do, someone I know did it and they get made fun of still. why are you going to put a corporate logo on your skin? get something with meaning or nothing

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If only it was closer to sneaker con, i could hit up both in one trip

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I'm trying to nab a couple blank 5-panel caps,any color. anyone know where in Toronto?

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