rumors = publicity; publicity usually ='s higher CD sales

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[Quote] yeahh bro, mines the same way now. its a common problem with the 3Gs once you update to iOS 4. i managed to downgrade mine back to 3.1.3 and now it runs smoother.

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Lookin to buy a like new, iPhone 3GS. Don't care about color or the size of it, all I care about is that it's around $200, and that it is [B]unlocked[/B]. Show proof that its unlocked via pictures and i'll buy it from you. I can move quick. Thanks HB.

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simple is the way i do it in summer

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i love when i see people's eyes move towards my kicks or something, they don't say anything, but i know they just love it, hahh

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definetly my space jams and my true blue 3s

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[Quote] Hahh, i've tried Ebay for 10 Deep stuff, and you can get a better deal on the forum/on

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[Quote] This jacket....goddamn. hah. quality really IS crazy. i remember i once saw it on Karmaloop, it was kinda pricey, but damn, i should of copped it when i had a chance

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legos, hot wheels, transformers, power rangers, hahh, cant forget Pokemon on the GameBoy

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Both albums are pure fire, but it just depends on what you're into. Personally I think Teflon Don was sooo dope, but thats probably because the production was on point for like every song practically esp. Maybach Music 3 & Aston Martin Music. Lyrically is was decent, above average. Pilot Talk is a go too, and lyrically I think it's better than Teflon Don, and I think the subject matter is a little more listenable to than Ross' album. Hah, that's just my two cents on it all

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