My gf is a nurse at the maternity ward, and she told me that some lady had twins and names them, Bugatti and Murcielago.

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[Quote] I'm not really a big gambler, just poker with friends 1-2/month. I have a fixed amount of money to gamble with and am pretty good at sticking too that budget. Normally I would play blackjack, but I have never tried poker and it seems like my money would last longer.

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We actually are going to try and go to the new Caesars Palace buffet.

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For the 4s release at the apple store, they had a set number of phones they sold each day and it was first come first serve, and they only allowed in-store purchase for the first 2-3 weeks. You were allowed to try and reserve a phone, but after 5 or 6pm and thats if there was any left in stock. After the first 2-3 weeks they allowed in-store pick up.That was at the apple store in my area, they might have different rules other places.

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My friends and I are going to go to Vegas in 2 weeks, and I would like to try and play poker at the casinos, specifically pot limit Hold'em. I have been playing Hold'em with my friends for about 2-3 years, but have yet to play in an actual casino. I am not trying to get rich, but I am hoping to make my money last the entire trip and hopefully even be on top at he end of the trip. So, where is the best place to play, what to expect, and any other poker tips would be appreciated. My budget would be about 500-800.

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A few months back I went to get my haircut and the person who cut my hair did a terrible job. The person I normally got a haircut from was on vacation, so I just went to the next available person. So when I went to pay at the register, the cashier asked me if I was happy with my haircut and I just said it is not exactly what I wanted. She said, I'm sorry that I wasn't happy with the haircut and I didn't have to pay for the haircut. I still paid for the haircut, even though I wasn't happy with it. Would you have paid for a bad haircut if they gave you a choice.

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Professor Layton and the Last Specter, I have been playing it off and on for the last 3 months. I usually only play it when I am trying to kill time.

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Topo Designs daypack [Image]

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Rounders- final hand between MIke and KGB [Embed content]

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