brand new w/o tags  available in size S/M color: green  available in size M: red $280 + shipping cost [Image]


im looking to work with a graphic designer to help me on a project. if any designers are interested pm me.

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aite so the story goes like this, some fuck boy spray paints a local skatepark with disgusting graf, personally i have no problem against graffiti but this kid ruins the park with his sorry excuse for graffiti, so i find out who it is thru intense columbo style detective work and this is the result.... [Image]

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he sent me a message sayin "no homo" [Quote]

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[Image] discuss

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any help?

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any shops you guys recommend ? places to go? places to eat?

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looking to buy some clothing send me offers meet ups only

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any one?

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whos down?

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i needs the monies what does i do??

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to: salvidorean_firecat

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whats the average price of a brand new supreme box logo hoodie in black in a M blushing

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im on house arrest how the fuck do i take this ankle bracelet off with out it gettin the feds to my house???

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