[URL] "Bruce Lee's unquestionable awesomeness is hardly the issue here"

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Anyone going?

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lol with a name like phatwop, i wouldn't talk. regardless, they have one gorilla shirt and it's not even their logo. to each their own man. i dont know all their reasoning. sure there's somethings i wish they did differently, but i'm still gonna cop their shit.

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not really sure if im feeling those or not. sort of looks like a frankenstein version of a sb spizike.

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Is anyone willing to help me grab these? Need 1 pair of the Jordan 1's in size US 11, and 2 pairs of the AIr Jordan's size US 11 [Image] Thanks!

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one to stock, prob not one to rock.

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anyone check it out over the weekend? worth seeing?

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you have to change something in the command prompt. i forget what the hell it is, check some cs forum.

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er shit. well then..............my bad.

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[Quote] /sarcasm.

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step 1: buy af1s step 2: buy af1s step 3: buy af1s step 4: buy sbs step 5: buy other brand step 6: continue steps 1-5

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Man Dies in Conn. Dance Faceoff Man Dies of Cardiac Arrest After Trying to Outperform Rival in Conn. Dance Contest The Associated Press NEW BRITAIN, Conn. A man died while trying to outdo a rival with an acrobatic move while "battle dancing," police said. Robert Stitt, 48, and his rival were competing in a parking lot Monday night when he tried a forward flip and landed on his head. "It was just two guys dancing. Everybody was laughing," Stitt's friend John Boxley said. Boxley said James Brown was on the radio and Stitt wanted to outdo a rival dancer, who had flipped in the air. Police said the victim went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead a short time at a local hospital. Police said several people were in the parking lot drinking and battle dancing a competition in which each dancer tries one-upmanship with unique moves. Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Copyright

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lol, these are even steel toed. def will not be grabbing.

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def will be checking this out. anyone else going? [Image] Our format covers the entire evolution of funk & soul music - from James Brown to D'angelo to Bugz in The Attic and everything in between including: FUNK - SOUL - ORIGINAL BREAKBEATS - JAZZ - AFROBEAT - REGGAE - NEO-SOUL - NU-JAZZ - BROKEN BEAT - FUTURE SOUL -RARE GROOVE - & more it all goes down at ELSEWHERE Each & Every Wednesday Republic - 958 Granville Open til 3am

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the name, sure a def media exploit. the logo, meh logo's are bitten all the time. but from what i've gathered, the fu2 logo was created before j lindeberg just not released. supposedly they (fu2) has been around since 02? either way, the finger is hot. hopefully they'll diversify with some joints in their next line.

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