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Got this from a friend. Thoughts? [B] Full Article:[/B] [SIZE="4"] Fans will be able to choose 1 of these 4:[/SIZE] [Image]

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Now, I travel back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and understand the power of political influence within the city. Their (protestors) ability to express hatred for our government for exercising "torturous" (debatable) techniques in order to extract information is also their right as citizens. That's what is great about this country. Michael Dean simulates water boarding on Noel Juan at a San Francisco protest calling for the closing of Guantanamo Bay. [Image] ^I really do think this is an interesting option. [SIZE="1"]Do I smell hypocrisy? I hope not[/SIZE] [SIZE="6"][B]Discuss....[/B][/SIZE]

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Called the [B]TRX Suspension Trainer[/B]. Uses resistance training to help out core muscles and work on specific muscles throughout the body. It's really portable, and really gives you the ability to do many (and I do mean many) types of workouts. I tried it out today at the house. Really interesting piece of equip. My step-brother is a trainer at a gym in San Fran and he recommended this over the P90x Chin-Up Bar that I posted earlier (see it here: He says 24Hr fitness will be having this all across America soon, and some people just bring their own personal equipment to the gym. For those of you who are wondering, this isn't something that you would buy if you wanted to gain lbs and lbs of muscle... [B]I'll talk more about it if I get more feedback, anyway this is what it looks like.[/B] [Image] ^In this pic, I think the equipment is attached to a beam, or loop in the ceiling, but the great thing is, you can just use a door..I'll try to find a pic.

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So I was up late last night, and I came across this TV advertisement. It was one of the things where I was like "Damn, this looks like it's gonna be stupid". By the end of the commercial I was loling at the idea. The product is called the [B]Snuggie[/B]. Personally I think it's ridiculous, you guys decide, not exactly sure how old this is either. Regardless, Discuss.... [B]"A blanket with sleeves, my life is changed forever!!!"[/B] [B]So apparently the current trend is to resemble something like...[/B] [B]Friars anyone? cute huh...ehhh[/B] [Image] YouTubers have caught on...speaking of cults: ...and they've even added [I]cool[/I] I defs want to buy one! So, to all of you who bought this blanket with sleeves, should you slap yourself for looking ridiculous, or laugh at US for not buying one. maybe I'll get one for granny. Lol, she'll look like a fuckn Wizard...cheerssmokeyface

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Okay, so occasionally these TV ads come out at night about the [B]P90x Chin-Up[/B] bar. It uses leverage to fit on the door, and supposedly it has the variety to work on several different muscles by switching positions. Has anyone used this equip., and would you recommend it...slash, I'm looking for something to get for this season. thanks, [Image]

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