[Quote]Could've picked up more yardage by juking left. cleat to the face instead

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[URL] mostly people, Los Angeles, music-related

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[URL] model/fashion photography

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Damn, I'm old...

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And what if they're butch? It's not common to see attractive lesbians walking around. But to answer the main question, lesbians are more socially acceptable.

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Meh, so what if he's 2011? Typical HB elitism

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[Quote] You're right, and I also didn't say they were the best. If I'm feelin' cheap I'll go to Big Bear, for me, it's mammoth and tahoe

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back on topic? Alright, so it seems like a lot of the comments are missing some key points about Los Angeles: [B]TL;DR - GO TO BOTTOM[/B] I'm not even sure why this is such a huge issue, I'm guessing because this is Hypebeast. It really should be dropped since it adds nothing to the discussion...But there seem to be a lot of comments on Filipinos in Los Angeles. From my experience, pinoys/ays dominate communities [I][B]outside[/B][/I] of the City of Los Angeles. I live in the downtown area, and I can tell you that the majority here is [B]Mexican[/B]. I don't see filipinos in this area unless it's on a night out in Hollywood or in the surrounding valleys [Woodland Hills all the way east towards Diamond Bar/West Covina - that's like 50+ miles]. For me, Los Angeles comes down to 2 things: [B]weather[/B] and [B]location[/B] Yes, we take that shit for granted. Angelenos know the range of weather here, usually 70-85 degrees, with a light breeze. It can be hot during the summers but definitely [I]not[/I] humid like east coast cities. 2nd thing is location: There's a reason why film studios are here-- that's because of the range of landscapes in Southern California. From my place: 20 minutes to the beach, 45 to [I]nicer [/I]beaches, 1Hr to the desert, 2Hrs to Snow/Ski Resorts. Los Angeles is an urban sprawl, it's huge, and spans many many many miles. Also one more thing, a lot of people bitch about LA not being cool because it lacks public transportation. We can't help that, Los Angeles started as a [B]racist[/B] city, communities were segregated and freeways kept whites and blacks apart. It's a misunderstood city because of this weird sense of isolation being in your car 90% of the time. I can tell you that regardless of all of SF/CHI/NY subways and taxis/bus/trains, [B]there's nothing better than cruising in your car with the top down on a summer day.[/B] It's completely normal to hate LA when you're from the east coast, give it time, and you'll appreciate what this city has to offer. I've never been to New York, and I would love to-- when I have more money I'll visit...New Yorkers should visit San Francisco, it's probably more in their liking. [B]TL;DR[/B] Los Angeles has great weather & locations, lower standard of living than east coast, say what you want about traffic- people here [B]love driving their own cars[/B], not every girl is the same, like any city you'll find beautiful women, and there are plenty of them here so calm your tits. [B]Be open to other cities[/B] I can keep go on, but only if someone wants to know

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[Quote] @3:40 "Mmm....that's a real big one over there. I'm talkin' bout the drink dumbass. Use context clues you simple bastards."

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Start getting used to Asians talking loudly IN AMERICA in general. This happens alot more often now then it did 10 years ago, and it's partly due to the negative perception of America and Americans by foreigners. For example, the typical stereotype of Americans going abroad was that they are loud and rude. Similarly, foreigners (specifically Asians of rapid growing nations-- China is one of them) are coming to this country and showing a newer sense of entitlement and lack of respect. Over the past decade the roles have been shifting. Asians dominate the higher academic system, that's how it is in my university and across the board in this country. Get used to it, our kids need to learn Chinese and in 20 years, Indian dialects. America is BEHIND

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^He reminds me of Wood Harris from "Remember the Titans". But I guess looking at that picture above I can see some similarities between the two (in that photo). [Image]

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Yes, to a certain degree what you wear is important. Eventually you realize that clothes or material goods don't make the man. Hell, you can look like shit and still land broads. It's all about the AURA/SWAG.... It doesn't matter what you're wearing, if you lack self-confidence...it shows.

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[Quote] ^Thank you for not calling it a fixie

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OP, how are you gonna hate on Natalie Portman wearing Converse?

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