[URL] uhhh lolwut?

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Starts tonight at 9 for all the west coasters, i watched the pilot episodes and i thought the show has some potential. It also had its own original plot aside from the whole "high school musical" crap. hopefully its not disappointing

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Failed. It was definetly not worth 11 dollars. i was even high and still could not laugh at that shit.

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50$ straight up pst

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So I went to a special screening of this movie today and we(audience) got to ask anna farris, seth rogan, and jody hill some questions which turned pretty hilarious. O ya, before i forgot, seth rogan would have to be like the most funniest person to get high with. anyhow, the movie was pretty hilarious, a lot of random stuff that makes you wonder "wtf" and still laugh hysterically at the same time. The end was ridiculous, and props to the bad guy for going balls out. you will see what i mean. O MAN I FUCCD THE MOVIE TITLE lol.

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Didn't find a top related. anyhow. the movie was actually good

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