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Hey guys, I've been producing for a while now and decided I wanted to do a "Making of the beats..." web series.  I'll be releasing "A Beat A Week" all year and I hope to get some feedback and track my progress as I go as well.  Below is my beat video and beat for Week #1.  [Embed content] Beat available here... [URL]

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These are some videos I've shot. I also produced all of the songs, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, if you like it subscribe!!! [Embed content]

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We at it again...hope you guys like it and if so...SUBSCRIBE youtube.com/watch?v=tRaxNw6_0LA

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hilarious lol youtube.com/watch?v=GX-gWh4RWAo

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Hey guys. Im not here to badger you about my friend. I think his album is pretty good and its only 10 tracks. He put alot of time into it and is just looking for feedback (while hoping to gain new fans). He's not a poser of any kind. [URL] rhymes by Hades beats by Snare myspace.com/listentosnare myspace.com/hadestheproduct please let me know what you guys think...and if you can post on the site it will be greatly appreciated.

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[URL] crazy conversation.... He disses Trick Daddy and Khaled....lol.

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I followed the hypebeast link to the bodega (bdgastore.com) site and all I saw was a video and a email subscription thing. How do I get through and navigate the site? Im asking because i want to get the "no means no" shirt.

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[Image] My personal favorites are the KG's. (blue and white) I've been looking for size 13 but cant find them anywhere. so whats yours? I know I didnt post them all.

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Hello everyone Im new to these forums, but I've been visiting the site for quite some time now. I hate to introduce myself to the community with something to promote but I would like to present the forums with a mixtape that I made recently. [URL] The above link will lead you to Kanye West: Graduation The Musical. It features: Labbi Siffre Steely Dan 2pac Lauryn Hill Colin Munroe (the original flashing lights mashup) Clipse and many more I hope for those of you who have heard it yet, enjoy it and I wll be releasing another mixtape later this month. myspace.com/stanleylogan

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