i live in vancouver and i definately don't consider myself rich. you can't generalize people and group them as to area of residence. people rock what they wanna rock, period.

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yeah you can bookmark but you can't save and upload. the other terrrible thing about this phone is the keypad. i keep hitting 2 or 3 letters at a time when i message, the main reason why my girlfriend has it now.

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Triax 91's do look super dope.

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Nudie is over.

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1.1.2 requires a sim sleeve,like turbo sim, almost all features work tho. 1.1.3 is out now with new features in the firmware. but since iphone doesn't have push mail, hspda, or good battery life...i'll wait for the next version. hell you can't even copy and paste text, or save anything you download thru safari. at present, its still windows mobile phones and blackberry. 8320 curve even has wifi now.

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the ttm 56 is the standard of the industry. i use a pioneer 909 at present but theres so many choices now. i would use a ttm 57 with ssl built in if the build quality was the same as the ttm 56, but alas i went thru 2 that rane sent me with bad buttons and leaky faders, bad enuff that i don't trust it. the mackie d2 looks promising too.

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