[Quote] aye are you from upland?

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Whats that one SNL video with kanye where he's in the back yellin about not gettin an award it was a mockup to him not winning a grammy or something. Pretty sure lebron was hosting SNL at the time

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dom is dat nigguhsmokeyface

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how are you guys forgettin bout justblaze?

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[Quote] pretty sure 0-a number= negative that number

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[Quote] yo fuck yogurtland, i got fired from that shit for no reason. but ayo which one?

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[Quote] oh shiet you were there? i got him,wax, and zoe to sesh with me and the homies after the show in the orange groves smokeyface

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[Quote] Sorry new NSFW [URL]

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[Image] nsfw's for rep smokeyface [URL] her vag wasnt crooked when i hit it tho

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[Quote] COSIGN. song is mad sick

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[Image] enough lurkin had to contribute

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yesssir got dat skyline on deck level 23 wsup tho?

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Gangster High. G-est movie ever. smokeyface

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