No trades unless you're trading your money for the clothes. Everything is either size S or M. 90% of these were never worn, just washed. I'll let you know if I've worn them or not. Feedback: Paypal only as gift or add 4%, US or Canada only. Shipping not included. Buy more and I can give you some good deals. I am located in NYC. HOLY SHIT, wow, yeah. I need money and my closet is a mess and there are a lot of things I don't want. I bought these when I was going through a stupid street wear phrase and yeah. Whatever. I've never known some of them and some were just to hang up on walls (hats, shirts). I don't know where else to sell them so I'm back on HB to sell some crap. Too small for you? Buy this shit for your girlfriends or boyfriends (whatever your preference is). Oh yeah, the Rudeboi clothes are from here It's a pretty cool UK brand, I guess. Clothing is comfy. What I have for sale: Rudeboi black leopard sweater S never worn but washed $18 Rudeboi black leopard t-shirt S never worn but washed $15 Rudeboi burgundy leopard sweater S never worn but washed $18 Rudeboi grey sweater S never worn, never washed $18 OF hoodie S, never worn, washed? once I think. $20 Diamond Supply hoodie S, worn a few times $20 Supreme x Indy long sleeve tee, washed, never worn M $25 OBEY beanie, never worn, just taken out of package $12 Quiet Life galaxy camp $30 Nermal camp $30 Nermal shirt size S, never washed or worn $50 This Conart hoodie I got from Karmaloop, never worn S $10 Buy this for your girlfriends or something.  I can sell everything here for like $120. Oh well. Message me or I'm donating these things to Goodwill. x [Image] **Sorry, I don't know how to make this picture bigger. You can right click and view it on a diff. page if you'd like but if that isn't working out just message me your number and I can text better pics.

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MEDIUM in regular box logos. SMALL in CDG’s. PM with pics, price, location, and condition. Thanks! ***Also I don’t know why it says I’m located in Canada but I’m from the US.

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Let me know. Should be in like new condition or DS. Feedback here: I have no trades, paypal only. Thanks!

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I have cash. Also!! I have a DS Independent x Sup (medium black) Hoodie I can trade. Of course, I'll add, duh. I want new or close to new. I want cuffed beanies too. Oh!!! and if you have a SMALL CDG x Supreme shirt. let me know. Please PM me with pics and price. Also, I got feedback. I'm not interested in ANYTHING else. thanks. cheers.

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You cannot sell for a friend.

Started by You cannot sell for a friend, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

I got paypal and TRADES

Started by Looking for a CDG x Supreme hoodie. Small only., 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

if you wanna sell it, PM me and we can work out a deal or shoot me a price.

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the first edition. brand new or close to new. no wears or tears please. I got paypal (or supreme trades). so shoot me an offer. cheers, liz

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I have a brand new hoodie for trade (since no one wants to buy apparently.) It's the Supreme x Independent one. Ugh just trade me. I'll trade the hoodie for a ton of stickers. It's giving me an eyesore. I ship USPS. let me know, let me know. or sell for $120. idk. just PM me.

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closed ~Lefty

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I need some stuff for my walls. Thanks, I have Paypal. I can send postal MO or concealed cash. Your call. Thank you.

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I was wondering if Hershel Supply bags are good quality. I don't want to spend $60 on something that'll last me a few weeks. Also, if they're not, can anyone suggest a company that makes just as nice looking backpacks and excellent quality? I've had my Northface for a few years now and I think I'll be moving onto something different and retire this old thing. heh. well thanks and cheers.

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Title says all. Got Paypal. Will pay first if you're reputable and have feedback.

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