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I love the pine green foamposites. $190 though, damn. Anyone here actually play in these? I saw them at a Footlocker in Vegas and the foamposites are stiff as hell. Do they break in or what? The worker tried telling me some bullshit about how the heat from your foot softens the material, blah blah blah.

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Those are pretty sick. I don't really like wearing bright colors on my feet, but if I saw someone else rocking them, I'd dig 'em.

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I really want to get the "Tender Type 133 Bias Cut Trews." (Sorry, I'd post a link but Hypebeast gives me the finger for not having 25 posts). Google it. I 2/3 wanna get these. They're more of a red-orange than pure red. I don't think I really have the personality/style to pull them off though. I'm really drawn to them for some reason though.

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They're expensive because people will pay the price. Simple as that. As far as quality goes, I don't really know. I have a pair of grey True Religion Billy's and the denim is definitely thicker than a $45 pair of Levi's and the stitching seems nicer. The quality difference doesn't really explain the why an average pair of Levi's are cost 1/4 the price of TRs. People just like TRs for some reason. I wish I wouldn't have dropped $190 on my pair and instead got some Nudies or whatever. Won't make that mistake again. Shit.

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You think you're going to get a laptop and clothes for $500? I don't think so. I love how every college student thinks they need a laptop so they can look more like a college student. I guarantee you all you'll use it for is fucking off during class.

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a 13 year old black Jansport backpack. The kind with the hexagonal-type stitching. Do they still make those?

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Once you're out of high school. . . nah fuck that, once you're older than 16 you should no longer be wearing Hollister and Abercrombie. I love seeing 2 or 3 dudes walking around on campus and they're all wearing those pastel colored Hollister/Abercrombie t-shirts with the thick-ass decals sewn on. Fuck that shit. Clowns.

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I feel like the Ed Hardy and Affliction shirt trend is over. You still see some jerk-offs wearing this stuff but I think it has definitely died down.

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If you read the reviews on the Toms website, basically everyone loves the way they look and feel (light, comfy, stylish, etc.) however, there are a ton of reviews about how cheaply made the shoes are. People complaining about the shoes falling apart after a few weeks or a couple months. I think the Toms Cordones are dope, but I'm a little apprehensive about dropping $70 on a pair of shoes that won't last until the end of summer. I think I'm going to hit up Nordstrom Rack to check out a pair before I order anything online.

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Keep in mind that you cannot return stuff from PLNDR for a refund. You can only get PLNDR credit. Like everyone else, I hardly ever find anything worth buying. I got some Feit shoes a while back and a cheap belt.

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Filters are good. Brand, clothing category, size availability. I agree with everyone on clothing and model measurements. I get so sick of trying to guess what clothing will look like on me since most models are these 5'6" scrawny chumps. ----> Leg opening dimensions for jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. $50 max and I'd have to love the design and the feel of the shirt. Normally, I usually expect to spend $30-40 on t-shirts. 2. I don't care about brands at all. In fact, I won't wear a shirt that has a brand name ostensibly displayed. First and foremost, I care about design and then the fit/feel of the shirt. An expensive shirt needs to have great design and feel. 3. I don't necessarily seek out limited clothing. If I buy something and it also happens to be limited, then cool, but I don't really care. 4. I keep all the hang tags from clothes. 5. Packaging isn't really important to me. If I'm ordering it online, just make sure it gets to me safely. 6. Goodies are always a bonus. I especially like a cool sticker every now and then.

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I dig 'em. I wear raglan/baseball-style shirts year round. They're a nice switch-up from plain t-shirts. American Apparel has simple, light-weight 3/4 sleeved shirts good for summer.

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I've never really worn a bracelet in my life. Some of these leather bands are pretty sweet though. How do you guys size your bracelets. I just measured my wrist and it's basically 7". Should I get a 7.5" bracelet so that it's a little loose or what?

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