A lot of you are decent/good on photoshop. Sometimes you make an effect on a picture that someone else might want to try and learn. Post here some tutorials/things you usually do to your pictures. Let's keep this going. ie: invisible, tagging, brightening, bordering, etc etc. Inspired by the Nike talk thread.

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Can anyone post pictures of this? I saw it on that Supreme interview on Honeyee. Looks real well constructed. So, pix?

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[Image] &) &) &) &)

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This store just opened a couple weeks ago. I've never been there but after seeing these pictures, I definitely want to check it out. From the outside: [Image]

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Today my Mishka; severed fingers all-over print shirt came in the mail. I bought it big purposely in hopes that I can get it tailored to a smaller size. I took it to a tailor today and he said I'm better off buying a smaller size because it would be too much work. The thing is, I believe the smallest size these came in was a MEDIUM (correct me if I'm wrong.) So even if I would've picked up a medium, I still would've had to make it smaller. Plus, these shirts are long gone so finding one would be a hassle. Maybe that specific tailor was just a lazy dude. I'm going to take it to a few places first. But if worse comes to worst, I'll do to myself. With that, the question that arises is how do I go about doing this? Haha. If there's a guide online that you can show me I'd appreciate it. I just need a general idea. I'm decent in sewing with a machine. Plus, my aunt can help me. Thanks!

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I'm waiting for a shirt that I purchased from him. It hasn't been long since I bought it (2 weeks), I'm just trying to contact him. I tried to PM him but it says he is no longer a registered user. Anyone know him?

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[Image] Okay, what is this shit? whats the point of it?

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Anyone know where I can get a pair?

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