decided to post all my stuff in one thread. ebay id: deathcampforjeremy dealt with sf members in selling forum in the past. **all items are 100% authentic** **add 10$ more for int'l shipping on all items** ** PM me for offers and questions etc..** ** PAYPAL ONLY** 1. KR3W Big Jacket, size small, in dark brown.bought about a week ago. NWOT. was a little big on my emaciated frame. anyways... 60 shipped in the USA. more details on this jacket here: [URL] pics: [Image]

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snake eyes tee does anyone have a snake eyes tee in a medium to sell?

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apc is far superior than cheap monday(mostly non selvedge but they just released a line of affordable selvedge jeans), in quality and detail. hardly any dealers of cheap monday in the USA..hollywood trading company carries them..and caliroots carries them but shipping to the USA is expensive and will cost around 80 bucks including shipping for jeans that are like 40 bucks.

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[Quote] exactly, id pick a blackberry pearl over a ghetto sidekick anyday.

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i know earth market doesn't ship out of japan.. emailed them a while back, might have changed their policy tho.

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awesome korean and farthest ive gone is the border. two COMPLETELY different worlds, SK and NK

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never knew cliffedge would open an english version website. knew they were foreigner friendly tho..

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pogo in dowtown bham stocks SB's. just check nike sb's website to find stores in michigan that carry them

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wtf is with all these porch monkeys, crackers, beaners, kikes, saying the word jap constantly.

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like omfguz, totally suntori!! no but really, the fit of all the gear on x666x always seems a little off for me, especially the denim.

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[Quote] what brand jeans are you wearing? are they dark indigo or black? ive been looking for a pair of fitted black trousers monday ones look way to tight

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^^ doesnt seem like it at all. only good denim shop i know is peasant in downtown b-ham.

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i noticed there were some members from detroit(metro detroit area..) was wondering if there are any nice shops to check out around this area carrying streetwear brands.

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[Quote] nice, got that yesterday too. [Image] though blue camo vinyl bape tote bags arent my thing, it was a nice surprise

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verry nice job. u seem pretty legit with not wanting to sell your warez and all..

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