[Quote] If you aint frail, ll bean has great flannels, and really good quality for the price. Just buy shit you like, dont worry about internet validation or anything

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[Quote] Damn, I've seen danny twice (gunna be 3 when he comes to DC on his tour) and he is one of the best live rappers that I've seen. Definitely try and fix that if you get a chance, he never disappoints.

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Yea, raffle to get the chance to buy the shoes, but whether I end up wearing them or not it would be dumb to pass up the opportunity. Random, but is anyone else super excited for this danny brown album to come out? Everything off it so far sounds incredible.

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[Quote] not sure exactly how it works, but i think you can get better rates on mortgages and stuff if you have better credit, or if you get a car loan or whatever you can get a better deal. Got lucky this week and snagged stuff from the sup x uc drop, and won a raffle for yeezys (not if im gunna sell, or wear them as beaters), but my boss still hasnt hit me with a new contract that he keeps on saying 'ill get it to you by the end of the week' for the past 3 weeks...

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[Quote] Yea, I have a couple camp caps from 2011 but the resell isn't as high as i'd hoped so i've been holding on to them even though I havent worn them in years.

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[Quote] Says in the description, different color = different width

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[Quote] As much as anything else, people are finally being equipped with the right vocabulary and have conversations in more public spaces, which even a few years ago would have never happened. With all the changes, it's fair to say that people deserve a right to be treated fairly, but when they aren't it doesn't always become a teaching moment like it could be (using the pronoun example, if you don't know what pronoun people are going by, using a pronoun before they have a chance to tell you what pronoun they go by is not necessarily something to get that worked up over, and you can correct someone and keep it moving). The bigger thing I've noticed is that people care way more about being right than they do about being good people. Which ends up turning everything into a shitshow because everyone wants to be more right than the next person without realizing what the actual importance of being right means beyond a feeling of personal satisfaction.

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[Quote] Not quite the same as acronym or something, but as someone who wears veilance pants almost every day to work they are way more comfortable to wear than jeans/slacks/whatever.

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[Quote] Unless you are dead set on something going into college, you will have at least a year to switch stuff around and pick a major. If you have a general idea you should take some of the intro requirements for it, but don't think you have to know right now.

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As with most things, the money goes to all the fuck shit because it's easier to make something fast and shitty and sell it than it is to take time to make something good. It's not inherently bad to make something fast, but a lot of times its done fast because people want to sell it as soon as possible and then you end up with a bunch of shitty things (movies, tv, music, art, fashion, whatever). Stuff in the mainstream has gone from 'what most people like/generally agreed upon as good' to 'what is easiest to sell' and the mainstream fucking blows (most of the time). If you think anything in general sucks (like rap music), you just arent looking hard enough for the good shit, because it's definitely out there. I do hate dad hats though, kanye came to town and suddenly everyone is out here looking like a dork wearing the same green saint pablo dad hat. People care more about being on trend than they do about doing what they want to.

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HB DMV fam, I'm gunna be at the rae sremmurd (10/1 )and danny brown (11/1) shows at the fillmore in silver spring, hit me up if youre going

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[Quote] I was in an uber that got t-boned making a left turn, got lucky that i didnt get seriously hurt but I hit my head on the window hard enough to fuck up the arm of my sunglasses (metal shank in the acetate got bent funny). Uber was mad sheisty and sent an email saying 'we dont want to place a monetary (arbitrary) value on the crash because we take it very seriously' and I had to go through the insurance company, provide a receipt for my sunglasses, and they cut a check for the cost of them. Not like I got a ton of money, my boss was saying that he had a friend in a similar situation who got $1500 from uber to not talk about it.

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Max B took a plea deal and will be home in the next 2-6 years  [URL]

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Past 2 weeks; potatoe quality [Image] other pair of sunglasses got damaged in my uber crash, but i ended up getting them repaired for free and copped these as a backup with the uber money

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