Bump bump.

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Would like to sell these on quickly

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I've been thinking a whole lot lately. The large majority of upcoming brands i see lately are only in the game for one thing, money. I'm not criticizing money as it obviously holds a large motivational pull and is important. But to the extent where each brand replicates each other, the endless sticker motifs and animal prints just to sell a product. Looking back it kind of makes me miss the days where brands stood and meant something, where each tee or jacket symbolized a way of life.The feeling maybe The Hundreds or Stussy used to bring, the ideals of freedom and a sense of openness these brands used to bring. Take a brand like Award Tour as an example, the brand stood for a way of life, the hype it managed to create by the little touches. The one to one readership, combined with hand written parcels the brand created something which many other massively successful brands haven't. A sense of belonging, no ordinary brand can do that. The brands that do aren't massively interested in the money, they want to create something, not just a product, but a lifestyle. I miss that, nowadays the marketplace is flooded with brands without souls and really it makes me think are we really experiencing the death of fashion? O am i just a lost soul living in the past?

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I'd take the raging bulls, but for 300?

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Il take them for 180?

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Il take the 3's, pm me

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Il cop, pm

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Toms, sandals, trainers brogues. There are countless types of casual shoe, but what is the ideal pair of beach shoes that can take a bit of water and sand damage?

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Hi guys, Im forever confronted by people strolling round in the base rate g-shock and yes I am guilty to own 3, but i have been searching for a formal and smart watch, be it gold or silver which can take a bit of knocking around and water damage. Something roughly under about $400. I can't bring myself to search for a G-shock which no one else is rocking on a daily basis like usual.

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Any chance someone can help me out and find me some ferris bueller sb's in a size 10? Or find me some cool grey spizike's? Tried literally everywhere and can't find any!

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Anybody got some upcoming brands for me to check out? Got money to blow

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What colour/ type?

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Any advice on what shoes to get spring/summer, im talking nike sb dunks or low dunks, or anything. Just something unusual and fresh?

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