he should of did a video for white linen affair or paisley darts

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[URL] album lookin good

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post some ill lines/verses here's some sick shit!!!! canibus spittin some non science shit Canibus brings the sickest drama fierce enough to pierce the thickest armor I smack bitches who try to suck dick through the condom playing with the mic is something I won't do my only concern when I approach you, is to roast you I smoke you and whoever you standing close to and make every man in your crew deny that he knows you defeating *****s like Segal, Steven putting Emcees in positions to prevent them from breathin' I'll make you question any and everything you've ever believed in by peeping your deepest secrets like psychic readers what's the matter with ya'll, I splatter ya'll against the muthafuckin wall with these raw lyrics I catapult none of ya'll got the balls big enough to battle I go On & On like Erykah Badu a hundred times nicer than the best is twice as African as KRS is, who wanna test this? fuck y'all you don't impress me and no one can test me an emcee so ill, I got AIDS scared to catch me all that shit you poppin' will stop, when I put you in a headlock, and apply pressure until I crush your muthafuckin noggin I grab mics and push *****s to the left so fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chests my hypothesis, is that nobody can see this lyrical genius, i got it sown like a seamstress but if you want to battle, I'm down if you got nine lives, I'll take eight of them off your hands right now step up and get your neck cut from ear to ear if you survive then you can cover up your scar with a beard I'm the illest from Queens to the new Jerusalem briddicks anyone who ain't feeling my shiddit can suck my diddick you need to quit it, if you ain't spittin' more than 50 bars per minute cause you ain't in lyrical fitness kickin' boring raps with metaphors that's wack all of ya'll muthafuckas need Nordictrack to get ya weight up, fuckin with Canibus you get ate up beat down and sprayed up, just for bringing my name up been rockin' longer than *****s twice my age back in the days before Bob Marley was rockin' a fade before Honest Abe signed the paper that freed slaves before Neanderthals was drawing on walls in caves I existed, in the garden of Eden gettin' lifted stickin' dick to Eve before she was Adam's mistress before Christ created Christmas, I been in lyrical fitness the Canibus is spittin' til' he's spitless 50 bars of total sickness, you won't forget this I'm puttin' every wack emcee alive on my shit list verbally vicious, telekinetically gifted took you a minute to exhibit that I'm sick wit it now you tell me who you think is damaging shit going once, going twice sold! to that ***** name Canibus me and Mr.Cheeks, A-Plus, and Funk Doctor hopping out the Huey helicopter to suey chop ya. >smh

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ill shit, thanks for the link

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nice song, ghost been killing it lately

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underrated and mad slept on imo, king of multis, your thoughts?

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not as good compared to their other albums. can't wait for ghosts album, most consistent out of the group. wu tang forever bitches!

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use solestop it's canadian =P

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fuck ups there nothing but a big pile of shit

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all of my stussy tees have shrunk expect my world tour tee, all washed in cold and hung dry

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Hey all, I wear size large in t shirts and was wondering should i get this jacket [URL] in large or extra large? I'm not sure cause stussy tees run a bit small for large compared to other companies, not really sure about their jackets. i'm 6'2 180 if that helps

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