ALL DS Snap front and Shminx size Large 150+4%  Cairo size M : 170+4% shipping from canada.  [Image]

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From S/S 2012, taped seams. Also looking for an uptown pullover and a Camel's Tee Hit me up if you have one and are willing to ship to Canada. Will pay via paypal.

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I really do like the look of the american apparel raglan but im annoyed at how the material on the white shirt is so thin you can see through the fabric. What are your recommendations for a better quality raglan top?

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im wondering what brands there are that make cool, bright summery button ups. no flowers though haha. as well as good summer shorts (looking for cargo shorts) but the problem is i usually find them a little short and wide for my liking and not great quality either. any suggestions? links to buy are appreciated

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