Mna I haven't been on here in at least a year. I remember when Off Topic was lit, there were new posts every 20 seconds. Such a shame.

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Seeing a post with "NSFW" under the links in a Jailbait thread is some sketchy shit.

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[Quote] Why not just make the site responsive, saving you the trouble of making another version for mobile devices? Something like Bootstrap would have been great, create one site using that framework and it would have scaled automatically to fit every screen size...

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Delete my account please, thanks.

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She only does it for 2 seconds, fuck that. My dick wouldn't come out unless she'd keep going till i nut

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[Image] [URL]

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[Embed content] ehh

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[Quote]You still don't get it, do you [Image] Take your L

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[Quote]Fucking said Coleman. [Image] I'd pick John Stones in the squad ahead of Jones. I've seen Jones basically every game this season and he hasn't be great, Stones on the other hand has been really solid and consistent.

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[Quote]You could easily say the same about Diego Alves, Miranda and Filipe Luis. Could add Marquinhos to that list too, he has been good for PSG this season and at 19 years of age even if he doesn't play, the experience would have done him a lot of good. And on the bit about Cleverley, don't be surprised to see him in the England squad when it's announced. As shit as he is he always seems to get in. Hodgson will probably pick that fucking donkey Carroll too.

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[Image] dead

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