whats retail going to be like on the raging bulls?

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[Quote] yea nah im not really a fan of the lv ones anyway, like there was one i liked and my buddy picked up a bootlegg of it for 20$ so i was just like forgett it. the suggestions have been pretty good saw some stuff i liked but the prices are all pretty wack and i cant even find a place that sells studio d'artisan where i live (somewhat near toronto). but i do like the style of that wallet. i am more of a single fold kinda guy so like the stussy ones and the paul smith ones im not really feelin that much but keep some suggestions coming

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ok i have an old sean john wallet ive been using for the past like 5 years and its taken a pretty big beating and its about time i replace it... so what i ask from you is some ideas or brands that make some nice looking and good quality wallets, also price isnt a big thing but it would be nice to still have some money left to put in the wallet after i buy it, just take that into consideration

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Now I'm sure you all know CurT@!n$ from those cyphers he did with Mickey Factz and Theophilus London. Well he's back at it, this time with the man Skillz. For anyone who's unaware, Skillz is the dude with all the witty rap ups after each year comes to a close. Check this video out though they both go IN! Well without further ado, i bring to you.... [URL]

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There's a forgotten name on these lists: tyga Anyone remember that attempt at a freestyle video he did? My god that shit was horrible, it kindof made me pity him...

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He came to a friend of mine's place in ancaster and did a private show for us for a fundraiser to help poor people in the dominican republic. He's such a chill guy we all just kicked it with him shootin the shit before and after the show and he even came and played some ball with us out front. Mark my words, Shad K's got a killer jumpshot

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My cousin and his boys put their own lyrics on the Jockin' Jay-Z beat and i wanted to see what you all think. [URL] My cousin is the second one up to rap.

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if you guys cant wait. heres the live version from last night just to hold ya'll off till the studio version is released [URL]

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chamillionaire makes mad money "riding dirty"... im laughing that he made it over dj khaled tho, guess we aint the best...

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marley would be pretty cool to bring back. personnally id like to bring back Big L, went out way too early would like to see how his rhyme would've evolved over the years. Ol' Dirty Bastard, as messed up as he was that man could rip the mic or Jam Master Jay, one man that shouldn't be gone right now.

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[Quote] [Image]

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there are a few songs that hit me hard when i listen to them juicy by biggy would be one of them, it was the first song i ever heard by him and got me hooked from the first verse. another is hip hop saved my life by lupe. i went to the glow in the dark tour and he opened his spot with it and it was my first concert and just hearing the intro build up put the biggest smile on my face and every time i hear the track it puts me right back there in the stands watchin lupe perform. acouple other noteworthys are one mic - nas thugs mansion & changes - tupac encore - Jay-Z Food and liquor album and a local artist Shad-K's album Old Prince an album i can just sit and zone to

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