Why are people praising these riots? Are you dumb? I'd say 90% people who are rioting are mindless pricks who don't even know what they're rioting against. Innocent people are getting hurt/robbed, local businesses are getting destroyed, people are being made homeless and people are sat on here saying "yeh fuck da police lol, i wunna join in". Get the fuck outta here, fucking sheep.

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Ricky Gervais

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It's from Tekkon Kinkreet

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My pupils dilate (die late) like columbine killers with slow watches

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Flyers better turn it on again.

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Janoskis are doing it for me lately.

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Just dress formal. I tried to be all original and awesome and I look back at it now with shame and regret smokeyface

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Best UK Hip Hop by far smokeyface

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I like it, although the beat is the best thing about it.

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lined up in front of my closet

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2184f4a7 BBM makes my life easier

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Revolutionary Vol 2

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