I am the creator of the infamous Aspiring artists thread that's broken. So now I'm breaking my own rules and makin a thread. I'll be updating it with videos and new stuff as it comes out. If you dont listen... oh well [URL] [Image]

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[Embed content] My newest music video, which is a bit ridiculous but the song is dope. I usually don't make a thread for this sort of thing, but thats what all the kids are doing these days. ENJOI.

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Artists! Who is your biggest influence(s)?

Since everybody on here is a rapper now. I wanna know who are peoples influences. Mainly who is responsible for inspiring the neverending torrent of doo doo on these forums hahah

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My latest music video if anyone wants to check it out. I usually post my shit in the artists thread but this has got a pretty good reception. [Embed content] [URL]

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CAGE Appreciation thread

Probably one of the most eclectic, underrated, and shit on rapper in history but one of my favorites. The guys body of work is ridiculous and while is sound has evolved and changed throughout the years he is always killin it and trying to push the envelope musically. He formed one of the best underground hip hop supergroups The Weathermen (Aesop Rock, Cage, El-P, Camu Tao, Tame One, Copywrite), went toe to toe with eminem lyrically, I cannot understand why more people don't fuck with him. So for the underground hiphop heads this ones for you. [Embed content]

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So it has come to the attention of many of the posters here that the forum is being overrun with wannabe rappers (myself included) that feel the need to plug and promo their new music and/or videos. So I think there needs to be a talent section similar to the "beats beats beats" thread which worked well for a while. So post your hottest tracks here to get hated on by the HB population. It was talked about before that a HB artists tape should be formed. If we can amass a collection of some really good cats i think it would be a really great idea. So here goes lets see if this can work.

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Lazy JP - All Fall Down (Prod. Was Legit)

[Image][URL] I wasnt going to post this on here and waste precious forum space but the song has spread to like twenty some music sites in the pittsburgh area including one of our biggest as well as,,, and a few others. Ive been getting an influx of traffic on my pages and decided to use this as the main single from my mixtape which a video is already in production. So the point is im throwing this to the hypebeast wolves and seein what happens. Flame Away!

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J. Carter feat. Lazy JP - GRIND (Prod. Kilo Beatz) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

[Embed content] My first music video which I directed myself. The total cost to make this was ZERO just was banging a chick with a Canon T2I camera and my brother goes to school for video production. Think it turned out pretty swell. The songs a lil more pop than i usual do but it was for a feature.

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J. Carter feat. Lazy JP - Grind (Prod. Kilobeatz)

[Embed content] I normally don't do kinda poppy shit like this but my buddy asked me to do the hook for this one and then I ended up doing the first verse too. This is gonna be the single for J. Carter's mixtape, "HipHop, Hightops, and XBox". Any feedback is appreciated.

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up and coming artists

I know the quality isnt too good but you have to admire the penmanship. 2nd verse is mine please give any kind of feedback and constructive criticism you can. Thank you. [youtube]JuJ2swLUvGU[/youtube]

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